Why it is important to go outside

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConnecting with others, having warm and trusting relationships with other people, is important for thriving in life.  What may be surprising to you is that natural environments could be just as important as social environments for thriving or flourishing in life.

Did you know that in our modern life people on average spend 93% of their time indoors?

Matt Keller and colleagues have researched the effect of weather on mood.  Keller found that people who spend 20 minutes or more outside in nice weather had:

  • a boost in positivity
  • more expansive and open thinking
  • an increase in their working memory span

This effect is not just for ‘outdoorsy’ types.  Study participants were randomly assigned in the experiment to spend outside time or not.

These effects of weather on positivity and broadened thinking were evident in spring and early summer months only.

We already know that nature experiences are beneficial.  Being immersed in nature provides the experience of both fascination and vastness.  The fascination of nature draws your attention involuntarily and the vastness provides the scope and richness to fully occupy your attention.  Time in nature is healing and restorative.

Make regular plans to go outside in good weather and experience nature whether it is your local park or a wilderness experience.  Be sunsmart and enjoy the increased positivity in your life.


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